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Mindfulness: I Have So Much On My Mind

Lately I’ve been very busy. Busy building a business, maintaining two jobs, spending time with family, spending time with friends and staying on top of my responsibilities. One thing that I notice when I become this busy is that my mind tends to race a lot. I become concerned about […]

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Growing with Hope: What Do You Really Want?

 If you had not noticed, i recently became a grandfather.  He is my first grandchild and one thing he accomplishes just by being in my presence is that he makes me happy.  Even before he was born, a lot of things would go through my mind about him.  I would […]

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Thanks for coming to personal growth to happiness.  With all that we have to deal with day to day its good to have a place to go where you can feel better about things in general. This site is a place where you can learn different ways to increase your […]

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