July 26, 2017

Pick Up a Book This Summer

Growing up, summer reading means a list full of books from your teacher, many trips to the library and small prizes for reading a certain number of books. As an adult, it can be difficult to fit reading into an already-packed schedule. However, picking up a book has many real benefits for children and adults.


The Benefits of Reading

Reading has many phenomenal scientifically-proven benefits including:

  • Reading gives your brain a workout that it can’t get by listening to a song or watching television
  • Keeping your brain sharp as you age—adults who spent free time reading or doing creative activities had a 32% slower rate of cognitive decline than adults who did not
  • Reading can drop your stress levels by up to 67%, without any other changes in your life or workload
  • Reading increases your vocabulary and writing ability
  • Reading teaches children and adults to be more empathetic through experiencing the lives and journeys of others

How to Increase Your Reading Time

When you wake up in the morning, what do you do? If you are like most American adults, you reach for your phone and spend time on social media. Instead of wasting your earliest moments on your phone, pick up a book! When trying to increase the amount of time you spend reading in a day, look for time blocks that are otherwise wasted on your phone, like the time immediately after you wake up, the hour before bed or even the 30 minutes before your appointment at the doctor’s office. Make a habit of carrying a book with you wherever you go, and you will be flipping your way through the pages faster than you ever thought possible.

Summer Reading Picks

To find the perfect summer read for you, visit your local bookstore. Bestselling books span every genre possible, from thrillers like The Woman in Cabin 10 to thought-provoking non-fiction like Hillbilly Elegy. If you want to pick up a book without shelling out for a new hardcover, visit your local library for books in excellent condition without the price tag.

Do you read for personal happiness? Let me know what your personal reading life is like in the comments below to share.

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