August 25, 2017

10 Things That Will Make You Happy and 10 More That Will Make You and Your Body Happy

Comfort foods are known for making us happy until we wake up the morning after and step on the scale. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth, here are some of the comfort foods that are a little bit dangerous to be around (at least if your name is Paul!).



  1. Cheesecake cereal, the delicious treat with soft dough balls of cheesecake and strawberry strewn throughout
  2. Cheesecake flavored popcorn
  3. Strawberry popcorn
  4. Peanut butter potato chips
  5. Chocolate covered potato chips
  6. Creamy spinach with walnuts topped with bacon bits
  7. Rice with bacon bits
  8. Cheese biscuits topped with tons of cheddar and bacon bits
  9. Honey baked chicken breasts
  10. Chocolate flavored yogurt

On the other side of the health scale lies foods that combine delicious taste with high-powered nutrition. Food that is good for you can also be food that makes you happy, even if it isn’t quite as delectable cheesecake flavored popcorn.



  1. Greek yogurt with real fruit flavors or combined with granola in a healthy parfait
  2. Peanut butter and banana toast on whole grain bread
  3. Oatmeal made with fun mix-ins or flavors like chocolate chips or cinnamon
  4. A piece of ripe fruit, like a sweet summer peach of crisp pear
  5. A handful of roasted and unsalted nuts, like cashews or pistachios
  6. Bright vegetables and a couple tablespoons of flavored hummus
  7. A latte made with skim milk instead of whole and a fun boost of flavored sugar-free syrup
  8. Chocolate milk, which actually has a winning combination of protein and carbs for a post-workout treat
  9. Whole grain crackers and a flavorful cheese
  10. A bowl full of sweet late-summer berries like strawberries or raspberries

Comment below with your favorite indulgent or deliciously healthy treats!

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